Getting Your Toddler to Bed: The Right Techniques

Getting your toddler to get to bed is a challenge for every parent. Parents are often frustrated when toddler wakes them up in the middle of the night because they will not sleep and still want to play. This can be a challenge to parents because a toddler that is already tired but still will not want to sleep is irritable and grumpy. We have compiled tips to may help parents put their toddler to sleep:

Let them Wind-down

Every night before you let toddler go to bed make sure that you have a wind-down period. During this period avoid activities that will increase the energy level of your children such as jumping around and running. Make sure to do quiet activities making it as a family bonding for your family. You can do book reading, watch television, or simply just talking.

Establish a Routine

Consistent routine is important, this way your child knows what you expect from him to do. When they stick in a routine they can be managed easily. You can plan a routine activity such as reading a story before going to bed. Just make sure that you stick to your routine and do not break it. If you end up breaking a routine it is hard to put it back again.

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Set a Bedtime that is Fixed

When you have a set bedtime you should be firm in enforcing it, this will send a message to your toddler that you mean it and you a serious about it. Put your toddler to bed the same time every night and be consistent with it. Tuck your toddler and have the items that make them feel secure such as teddy bears. Give a kiss and tell them that you will see them in the morning. If they wake up in the middle of the night, offer them a glass of water or if they wet the bed let them change and tuck them back to bed. These are the simple tips that you can do to help your toddler get to bed with ease.