Catching a Football as a Wide Receiver

Imagine a bullet pass by Tom Brady is on your way would you catch it for sure? This is not easy when you are a wide receiver you need to possess skills. Your confidence alone can make you catch a bullet pass. You may underestimate the skill it takes to catch a pass if that would be the case almost all will make it to the NFL.

The skills you need to be a great receiver and catch the ball mid air with such ease are the following:

Hand and Eye Coordination

This the most important skill you need to master. This is the foundation to learning to catch a football. You need coordination between what you see and the movement of your hands. Processing the visual input to guide your hands to reach and grasp the ball is what is highlighted on this skill. The better the hand-eye coordination skill of a wide receiver the better the chances he must catch the ball thrown over to him.


Improving the hand-eye coordination skill is not hard to do but it requires a lot of focus. Another skill that you should master. Let us go back to my intro about Tom Brady passing you the ball, you need focus in order to catch it. Focus to control your body and mind to lock unto the all catch it with your hands. You should also maintain focus every time and be consistent. Speaking of focus if you want to get the latest promo codes for online casino go to blog article by this site.

Hand Strength

When catching a football, you need hand strength so that you can squeeze the ball after any pass. This will avoid you to commit accidental drops and will increase your stats especially when faced with a defender and swipes the football from you. Like strength if you to have a powerful site for promo codes for betting EZ Promo Codes is here.

In a real football match, it is intense catching the ball should be deliberate with defense added you need strong hands in order to compensate with the pressure. Not all ball is thrown with so much velocity some are just thrown with half speed so you should be prepared to squeeze the ball after catching it.

Practicing these skills should let you excel in your football career.