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Smoke eater industry experts provide product reviews for various smoke eaters from all brands
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Industry experts offer comparisons and reviews about the leading smoke eater models...

If you were given the daunting task of researching which smoke eater is the best one to buy without breaking the bank and, most importantly... finding the right type that will effectively solve your smoke or fume problem, then you have landed on what we believe is the most AUTHORITATIVE website created about Smoke Eaters (we'll explain why in a few paragraphs).

A smoke eater is a class of air cleaning equipment that is designed to clean the air of smoke.  It is that simple! Where it starts to get a little more complicated is; what type of smoke are you trying to clean?

Most people who contact us and want more information about these commercial air commercial air cleanercleaners are usually concerned about smoke that is produced from cigars or cigarettes ... however, over the years we have learned that for some people the term "smoke" in "smoke eaters" does not always apply to "tobacco smoke".

We have learned that some people who are researching this subjectcentral air cleaner are looking for an air cleaner that will handle industrial smoke… such as smoke that is generated from welding applications... or, oily smoke that is a by-product from CNC machines operating in manufacturing plants.

We have also learned that people who are looking for an effective smoke eater to solve their smoke pollution problem may only be concerned about solving ONE portion of their pollution problem.

Let us explain...

cigarette smokeThere are different pollution "components" that make up smoke; you have a particle component (ash), poisonous gas component (carbon monoxide for example) and an offending odor component that all come together that constitutes your "smoke" problem.

Not everyone who wants a smokeeter® cares about eliminating all 3 pollution components. Some people only care about clearing the particles, some people’s primary concern is to get rid of the smell… and some people want everything gone.

For every specific “smoke problem” that needs to be solved, there are different “smoke eater solutions” that can be specifically matched up for your individual requirements.

Not all smoke air cleaners are engineered to clear the air of all 3 components that make up smoke.  There are different smoke eater technologies, using different types of filters - All designed to address different types of smoke problems.

You need Industry Experts to help guide you to the correct smoke eater selection for your particular needs.

We explain the technology behind this type of pollution control equipment in a way that everyone can understand and can sum up in 2 important points.

1. Not All Smoke Eaters Are Created Equally!


2. Not all people (or websites) are authorities on Smoke Eaters!

Our intent in creating is to give you an unbiased, authority site where you can start to research which type of solution is the best kind of smoke air cleaner for your particular needs.

And we think we have accomplished our objective… and that is to create the most authoritative and unbiased website on the internet pertaining to this topic.

How did we do this?
Simply by going out in the marketplace and networking with a number of Industry Experts who range from sales people to engineers... (and in some cases corporate executives) from over 15 different companies so that we could offer you inside information about the pros and cons regarding the various technologies and brands of smoke eaters.

We also designed this website so that you would be able to quickly and easily navigate to the right section that matches up with your particular smoke issue.

smokeeaters site navigationThe left hand navigation of this website should be able to get you to the correct place with just one click of your mouse... from anywhere in this site!  Sure, there is some over-lapping of the varying smoke eater models that are represented in the left hand navigation… however, we did this on purpose so that we could make it as easy as possible for you to navigate to the section that is specific to your main concern with only one click of your mouse… from anywhere in in this website.

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restaurant smoke from a cigarette ashtrayIf you own a commercial establishment such as a bar or restaurant we are sure you have looked into a commercial smoke eater system to help reduce your secondhand smoke problems.  We have 2 of the most complete and easy to read comparison charts about restaurant smoke eaters and bar smoke eaters to help you research the best units in the industry from multiple manufacturers.

portable smoke eaterIf you need an air cleaner that you can easily move around from place to place then, click on "Portable Smoke Eaters" and you will be presented with some of the most effective units available.

If you are a little more knowledgeable about the varying technologies of smoke eaters and carbon filtersyou know that you want a carbon filter smoke eater because you are more concerned about the offending tobacco smoke ODORS... then just go straight to our Smoke Eater Technology section.  We list all the systems that include large amounts of carbon designed to primarily take care of odor problems.

There are 2 major problems with doing your Smoke Eater research online!!!

Think about the following situation....

You own a bar where your patrons have been complaining to you about all the secondhand smoke that is wafting into their non-smoking nostrils. So you decide it's time to install some kind of air filtration system that is going to rid the air of all tobacco smoke.

Later on that evening you jump on-line and Google-up the term "smoke eaters" trying to find some good information about the topic.  Last time we checked there were 1,000,000 WebPages that have to do with the term "smoke eater". 

You may start to click on the different websites that show up in your search request. After going through about 8 websites your head starts spinning because all the websites start to sound the same... in fact, they are all saying the same thing... and that is... "Our Smoke Eaters Are the Best!"

Who are you to believe?

There are 2 major Problems with most Smoke Eater Websites...

1. The company or individuals behind the website usually only have experience with ONE line of smoke eaters and,

2. Most of the people behind those websites are not an authority on the subject.

That said... we wanted to be able to offer you a place where you could research and receive unbiased information and recommendations from industry experts from a wide range of different companies.

Remember this...

You don't want to guess which is the right smoke eater for your needs.

home smoke eaterBy getting your advice from a non-authority; someone who does NOT have years of installing and selling commercial smoke eaters from a variety of companies you may be getting your recommendation from someone who only has experience with one line of commercial air cleaners... or even worse... someone who has never even worked in the air pollution control industry but just happens to be selling a smoke eater on their website... If this is the case, you are doing little better than guessing which smoke clearing system is right for you. We must caution you...  It's a mess to guess!

bar smoke eaterYou want to be able to get information from a reliable source!   A source that has industry experts available to you with decades of experience from a variety of companies to help you make an informed decision offering you un-biased recommendations. is that authority source on smoke eaters...

After many years of designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling many different brands of air cleaners that are specifically engineered to handle all kinds of smoke, our industry experts have learned which ones work the best for most applications. All their years of insight can be researched on the various pages of this website.

If you can't find an answer to your question... or if you would like additional help from one of our industry professionals... feel free to give us a call at 1-888-811-3719 - we are here to help you any way we can.~ Industry Experts from



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